JotSpot!  A Reusable Writing Surface For Tool & Trade Industries!


What is a JOTSPOT

JotSpot is an erasable reusable industrial grade writing surface. While primarily designed as a writable surface for tape measure application it can be used in a variety of ways.
JotSpot is applicable to all trades, machine, automotive, marine, outdoor recreation or any rough service environment where paper notes just won’t do. Potential uses and applications for JotSpot reusable writing surfaces are as broad as your imagination.
Think of it like an office “sticky note” for industrial settings where you need to jot short notes, numbers or dimensions of importance and paper just won’t survive in your hostile environment.  JotSpot is unaffected by wind, water, dirt, oil, grease etc. ……….things where paper wouldn’t last a day. All JotSpots come with both peel and stick and magnetic backings for a variety of application choices, or it can just be left loose in your pocket or tool bag.
It’s a great inexpensive solution to a common problem. Because its not paper it makes for a nice green friendly addition to your toolbox.
So buy the one, buy the original, buy the JotSpot!


Don’t be fooled by knockoff vinyl or PVC based surfaces which don’t wipe clean. Buy the patented original……buy JotSpot !

Step 1: Choose Size

industrial writing surface

Jotspot comes in 3 sizes: 2 ¼”
or 2 ½” for tapes & 3 ½” JotPad

Step 2:  Place Your Order

reusable writing surface

Get your JotSpot
on order today.

Step 3: Adhesive/Magnet

tape measure writing surface

Both peel & stick and Magnetic
backing options are included.

Step 4:  Put it to Work

reusable writing surface

“Never forget those
dimensions again!”

industrial grade writing surface

Patented Design

JotSpot reusable writing surface works with any standard graphite pencil and erases with just the rub of a thumb by working synergistically with the natural oils of the human hand. A patented protective raised rim design allows the Jot and your tape measure to be placed face down without damaging writing surface.


Works Under Water

JotSpot Industrial Writing Surfaces are waterproof.  With any graphite pencil your Jotspot can be used in and under water.


How to Apply the JotSpot

The JotSpot Industrial Writing Surface can be applied to any surface.  It comes in 2 optional features.  You can either choose the magnetic backing or the very high bond peel and stick adhesive.


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