About JotSpot – The Reusable Writing Surface

Being a licensed contractor for 30 years JotSpot was born from necessity. When I got tired of using job site rubbish, wood blocks, shingles etc, to write multiple fractional dimensions on I started writing on the plastic housing of my tape measure.  The “garbage” notes were bulky to stick in my tool bag and inevitably I’d drop or loose them and the tape measure housing left little room to write and was at times barely visible.

I needed a reliable, portable, sizable easy to use industrial writing surface that needed no special erasure device to erase. As many folks in the trade know, carpenter pencils generally have no erasures. Therefore I had to be able to just “rub away” writings. After many trials and errors JotSpot was born. The product acquired a “Retailers Choice” award from the National Retail Hardware Association at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas and It was a welcome addition to my tool box to increase my speed and efficiency. I hope you find it the same and I thank you for your interest in my product.

Mike Cannata

industrial writing surface